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Meet the Artist

Anita McDaid formerly known as Anita Siedlecki for her art is a self-taught artist and naturally talented from a young age.  Anita paints professionally for her clients and exhibits in art galleries around Australia.  Anita is also a Fully Licensed Real Estate agent in QLD and has been in the industry for over 10 years passionate about her Art and Real Estate she combines the two professions together to form a successful business.  

About The Art

A selection of Anita's artwork has been licensed to reputable large companies.  Her paintings have been purchased and featured on TV sets in 2001 - 2003 Big Brother and The Block. Collectors from all walks of life have purchased Anita's paintings in Australia and Internationally.  Actor Benjamin Bratt (from Law and Order) commissioned Anita to paint a variety of florals for his home in Los Angeles. 

Anita's preferred medium is acrylic on canvas and paints a variety of subjects pen and ink on paper is another one of Anita's favourites.  Commissions are most welcome! Please fill out the contact form or call Anita if you would like a particular size and subject matter for your home or office. 

Anita  McDaid


Artist Statement 

Painting and creating is a form of meditation for me.

When I am truly in tune with what I am painting, the inspiration begins to flow and the paint takes on a life of its own and effortlessly appears onto the canvas. I express my emotions into each piece. 

I create to smooth the soul and to move the viewers.

Anita McDaid

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